Calgary Herald
Karen Molle is a “highly respected lawyer who specializes in drug and proceeds of crime” cases.
Calgary Herald
Karen Molle wins “more than $80,000 to a senior citizen after authorities wrongly tried seizing her Calgary condominium.”
Lethbridge Herald
“Eight year old cocaine case tossed” - Defence lawyer Karen Molle had argued “constitutional issues regarding the continued refusal by the Crown to disclose the information they requested numerous times.”
Calgary Herald
Supreme Court of Canada “denies province's appeal in civil forfeiture case” and awards cost to the defence. “How are we advancing any sort of cause for victims by creating additional victims?” said Molle.
CBC News
7 judge panel agrees that the trial judge erred in instruction to jury
Defence lawyer, Karen Molle tells Supreme Court of Canada that “due to the ‘significant polarization of evidence’ … the charge … did not supply the jurors with the tools they properly needed to decide the case.”

Karen Molle

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Karen Molle is a highly respected courtroom lawyer with a wealth of experience in criminal law. She has defended clients in large drug importation cases, conspiracy cases, homicides, massive frauds and cases involving large cash seizures. Ms. Molle has a track record of success at both trial and on appeal.

Former 17 year prosecutor on your side