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Proceeds of Crime / Civil Forfeiture

Government forfeiture of the proceeds of crime was intended to send the message that “crime does not pay” however, it also proved to be an excellent source of revenue. Multidisciplinary forfeiture squads were established in all of the major cities in Canada to more effectively seize property suspected to be tainted by crime. These teams of police, tax investigators, and lawyers use sweeping powers and specialized knowledge to seize cash, cars, and houses – or anything else of value.

Recently, the Alberta Government created their own forfeiture regime. The Civil Forfeiture Office utilizes the far-reaching powers of the Victims Restitution and Compensation Payment Act to launch civil claims against anyone they suspect has committed crime utilizing their property or who may have acquired property from crime. The government never has to prove that any crime was actually committed. The property owner must respond to the action or will automatically lose their property.

These cases are more complex than many criminal proceedings because the Crown and the police are well trained and experienced. The broad reach of their powers can have a serious effect on individual’s legal and economic interests. To successfully defend these cases, your lawyer should have skills and training that match those of the prosecutor. Karen Molle, is in a unique position to assist because of her years of experience prosecuting complex drug trafficking, money laundering and proceeds of crime cases. Karen Molle was part of the government’s program to dedicate specially trained lawyers to Integrated Proceeds of Crime Units. Ms. Molle has also trained police officers and other lawyers on the complexities drug and proceeds of crime law.

In 2006, Ms. Molle left the government to start her own defence practice focusing on drug and proceed of crime cases. She has successfully defended an array of cases ranging from drug importation to simple possession. Ms. Molle has had extensive success in the intricate process of “asset recovery”, i.e. having her clients seized assets returned to them. If the police have seized your property as part of a criminal case or a civil forfeiture, seek the advice of an experience lawyer. Ms. Molle is a highly regarded Calgary civil forfeiture (asset recovery) lawyer. Her unique skills in this expanding field of criminal litigation can save your property from being forfeited to the government.

If your property has been seized as part of a criminal case or a civil forfeiture, consult with Karen Molle Today.